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Dental Equipment

  • Best Intraoral Camera 2018


    IRIS Intraoral Camera Wins 2018 Product Award Dental Advisor submitted the IRIS Intraoral Camera to nine dentistry consultants and asked them to subject the camera to a clinical evaluation over…

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  • Dental Technologies Worth Investing In


    Top Dental Technologies Worth Investing In Dental technology is growing at an unprecedented pace. This imposes a lot of pressure on Dentists to acquire those new dental technologies. However, some…

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  • Help Patients Say Yes to Treatment


    Help  Patients Say Yes to Treatment A recent statistic states that there is $32 billion in treatment approved for financing Care Credit still waiting to be scheduled – why? Why…

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  • How an Intraoral Camera Can Have a Huge Impact on Your ROI


    So you tell your patient he needs to get a couple of crowns or fillings after conducting a routine cleaning and exam. Your patient looks at you uncomfortably and says,…

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  • Selecting the Best Caries Detection Tools for Your Dental Practice


    There’s no question that caries or cavity detection is one of the most important tasks of dental practitioners. In fact, a lot of patients will only go to a dentist…

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  • The Evolution Of Caries Detection Technology


    The evolution of caries dental detection technology has made it possible for dentists to employ more than one method of detection. Dentists today need to ensure they detect both visible…

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  • The Ultimate Dentist’s Guide to Selecting Intraoral Cameras


    There was a time when intraoral cameras were used in only a handful of dental practices. Introduced back in the 1990s, this type of dental equipment was mostly viewed as…

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  • Dental Instrument Quality Test Guidelines


    All of the cliche sayings like, “time is money”, and “you get what you pay for” come to mind when we talk about dental instrument quality test guidelines. In this…

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