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Dental Practice Tips

  • Generating Revenue


    Generating Revenue in Your Dental Practice Offices are opening back up, and it is time to start generating REVENUE. A good way to start is by setting a number of…

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  • One Question to Improve Case Acceptance


    Ask This One Question Are you telling the patients what they need? When is the last time you enjoyed being “told” what to do? If you focus on what your…

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  • Purchasing Decisions


    Do you focus on how much you can “save” when purchasing a product for your dental practice or how much it costs you by not having it?  When we are…

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  • Digital Doc Dental Technology


    Explore Our Dental Technology at Digital Doc Now is a great time to upgrade your practice’s dental technology. So, where should you start? In this article, our Digital Doc team…

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  • Do Pediatric Dentists Need Intraoral Cameras?


    Intraoral cameras have brought massive change to the field of dentistry. So, do pediatric dentists need intraoral cameras? This handy dental tool truly allows you, the pediatric dentist, to See…

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  • Why Put an Intraoral Camera in Every Room?


    Do I need an Intraoral Camera in Every Room? If you’re thinking about purchasing an intraoral camera from Digital Doc, you may be wondering how many devices you should get.…

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  • The Importance of Explaining New Technology to Patients


    It is a known fact that not everyone is thrilled about visiting their dentist. Dental visits can be more intimidating if the patient is unaware of what’s going to happen.…

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  • The Benefits of Digital Workflows in Your Dental Office


    If your dental office hasn’t digitized its workflows, you are missing out on many of the benefits that other dentists are taking advantage of. Here are some of the most…

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  • Improving Dental Office Productivity


    As a dental practice owner, you are fully aware that new competition arises every day. One way to ensure growth is to improve productivity. Our experts at Digital Doc have…

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  • The Importance of Patient Satisfaction


    The Importance of Patient Satisfaction in Your Dental Practice Patient satisfaction is increasingly becoming one of the most important metrics of dental offices and for a good reason. Here are…

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