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Dental Technologies

  • The Importance of Keeping Up with Dental Technology


    The new iPhone 11 is here and so many consumers purchased they are already on backorder.  Technology, like the best intraoral camera, is transforming the field of dentistry before our…

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  • Best Practices for Using Your Handheld X-ray


    A handheld X-ray is a battery-powered, portable x-ray device. These hand-held X-ray devices serve the primary purpose of taking intraoral x-rays. In this modern wave of technological advancement, everything has…

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  • Top Reasons You Need Intraoral Cameras


    What is an Intraoral Camera? An intraoral camera is a small-sized camera used by dentists to take images of your teeth and gums. Intraoral cameras have rapidly increased over the…

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  • Why Dentists Lacking New Dental Technology Are Being Left Behind


    Like any other industry today, the technological changes are constant and rapid. It has become easier than ever for the customers to get information about everything through the internet. When…

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  • Why You Should Upgrade Your Intraoral Camera


    How long have you had your cell phone? The iPhone 11 is here, and the biggest feature is the camera!  Consumers today are more educated on photography than ever before.…

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  • Do HD Cameras Matter to Patients?


    Are you putting off investing in HD cameras for your practice because you think that they may not be of great value to your patients? What if you polled the…

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  • Adopting Portable X-Rays Into Your Practice


    Adopting Portable X-Rays Into Your Practice If you haven’t incorporated portable handheld x-rays into your dental practice, you are missing out on a lot of benefits that these devices bring.…

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  • IRIS X80 Intraoral Camera


    We are thrilled to introduce X80, liquid lens autofocus HD camera.  This camera is plug and play. No training needed. The liquid lens goes from Full Face to Macro and…

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  • Portable Dental X-Rays Basic Training


    Portable Dental X-Rays Basic Training There are so many benefits to portable dental x-rays. Once you’ve decided to upgrade your traditional x-ray machine to an XTG Handheld X-ray, you’ll need…

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  • Saving Money Vs. Increasing Revenue in Your Dental Practice


    Saving Money Vs. Increasing Revenue in Your Dental Practice Most dentists with their own dental practices are often faced with the question of how they can keep their practice afloat…

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