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Intraoral Cameras

  • Increasing Doctor’s Revenue


    Our job in dental sales is to bring value to the dental practice, to grow your revenue. The question is, where are intraoral cameras on your list of importance? No…

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  • The History of Intraoral Cameras


    Overall History of Intraoral Cameras Intraoral cameras are used in dental offices all over the world. They’ve become a very important tool for both patient rapport and dental treatment. In…

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  • Dental Advisor 2020 Top Award Winner


    Dental Advisor 2020 Top Award Winner The 2020 Dental Advisor awards are out, and once again, the IRIS Intraoral Camera made by Digital Doc has emerged as a Top Award…

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  • Have You Tried Our IRIS X80?


    Have You Tried Our IRIS X80? In the world of intraoral cameras, Digital Doc’s IRIS X80 is one of the best in its class. If you are a dentist who…

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  • How Can a Digital Doc Camera Boost My Practice?


    How Can a Digital Doc Camera Boost My Practice? For 20 years, Digital Doc has been making intraoral cameras with a single-minded focus of enabling dental offices to See More,…

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  • The Durability of Your Intraoral Camera Matters


    The Durability of Your Intraoral Camera Matters Most dentists have now realized the importance of investing in new dental technology for their dental offices. However, this new technology can sometimes…

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  • Top Reasons You Need Intraoral Cameras


    What is an Intraoral Camera? An intraoral camera is a small-sized camera used by dentists to take images of your teeth and gums. Intraoral cameras have rapidly increased over the…

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  • Why You Should Upgrade Your Intraoral Camera


    How long have you had your cell phone? The iPhone 11 is here, and the biggest feature is the camera!  Consumers today are more educated on photography than ever before.…

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  • Do HD Cameras Matter to Patients?


    Are you putting off investing in HD cameras for your practice because you think that they may not be of great value to your patients? What if you polled the…

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  • IRIS X80 Intraoral Camera


    We are thrilled to introduce X80, liquid lens autofocus HD camera.  This camera is plug and play. No training needed. The liquid lens goes from Full Face to Macro and…

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