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Intraoral Sensor

Digital Doc’s new intraoral x-ray sensor is what will take your practice to the next level. Blū is durable, comfortable, & better yet, affordable. With its crystal clear imagery, the Blū intraoral sensor will become your second set of eyes during the treatment planning process. If you haven’t gone digital yet, start with Blū. It’s truly everything you need in a digital dental sensor & more.

Save Time + Save Money With Blū.


At Digital Doc, you don’t have to sacrifice quality OR break the bank to get your hands on premium dental products.


Every Digital Doc product is custom designed & made to last. This makes your return on investment even more remarkable.


Quality digital radiography is necessary for accurate diagnosis, which is why we designed the Blū with 27 lp/mm.


When you choose Digital Doc, you pay for more than just the product. We offer premium support, trainings, & extended warranties.


With over 25 supported software suites, your team will have no problem seamlessly integrating Blū into your dental practice.


Ensure patient comfort & top-quality care. Blū's sleek, compact design allows patients to experience maximum comfort.

Elevate your practice with Digi Doc's new elite intraoral sensor. Schedule a virtual demonstration today.

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We are committed to helping you achieve your case acceptance goals.
At DigitalDoc, we believe by designing quality imaging patients can see more and you can do more. Join our family and you will never go back. What are you waiting for? Take the first step today.

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