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iCon USB 2.0 Camera

  • Green Screen

    Category: Hardware

    A green screen in place of a live video feed is an indicator that the Iris Camera is not receiving adequate power. The camera’s cable could have sustained damage, testing…

  • Static or Visual Artifacts in Image

    Category: Hardware

    Try removing any other USB devices plugged into computer. All USB ports on a system share an alotted power “pool.” Try an alternate USB port on computer, preferably on the…

  • Black Screen

    Category: Hardware

    A black screen generally means that the application is not recognizing a signal from the camera. Check to make sure that the camera is attached to computer and powered on.…

  • Troubleshooting Capture

    Category: Capture

    Be sure that the “NET Service” is located in Services. This can be accessed though Control Panel > Administrative tools > Services. If the service is not present, the capture…

  • USB PVR-TV Device

    Category: Hardware

    The camera installing as a USB PVR-TV device is a common problem; it is the driver set that Windows Update assigns to Empia 28** based devices when installing automatically. The…

  • Checking Capture Buttons

    Category: Capture

    (The following applies to “pulse” mode. See notes at bottom for variations.) Navigate to Control Panel Start → Control Panel Select “Game Controllers” (may be located in “printers and other…

  • Icon Camera Drivers (Red Dot)

    Category: Drivers

    NOTICE: This model is not compatible with Windows 64 bit Operating Systems Driver Downloads: Eaglesoft 12.0 or higher Patterson Imaging 11.0 Schick CDR 3.5  (Requires AutoHotKey Custom Script for capture. Extract…

  • Icon Camera Drivers (Black Dot)

    Category: Drivers

    Spend less time installing your Icon Camera… The Iris Setup Program is compatible with the Icon Camera and greatly simplifies the previous method of device installation. Simply choose your Imaging…

  • Icon Camera Drivers (Black Dot 64 bit)

    Category: Drivers

    The 64-bit Icon driver is compatible with all software except Dentrix Image, Easy Image, and Vixwin. Click here to download drivers. (Also compatible with IRIS Camera)  

  • Icon Camera Uninstall Utility

    Category: Installation

    Download the Icon Camera Uninstall Utility 1. Extract file to your computer. 2. Double-click the “USB_Uninst.exe” file. 3. With camera connected click the “Uninstall” button.  Unplug camera after utility completes…