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Iris Intraoral Camera

  • Iris Camera Installer

    Category: Drivers

    Spend less time installing… The Iris Setup Program greatly simplifies the previous method of device installation. Simply choose your Imaging Software from a list of compatible applications, and all video…

  • Imaging Software Configuration Guides

    Category: Installation

    Printable configuration instructions for your specific imaging software. Iris X80 Adstra Apteryx Cadi Carestream CurveHero Dentrix Ascend Dexis version 9 Dexis version 10 Eaglesoft EZDent-i MiPacs Romexis Sidexis 4 VixWin…

  • Iris Software Compatibility

    Category: Iris Intraoral Camera

    Below you will find the most current Software Compatibility Matrix for the Iris Camera. (Click on image below to download PDF version)

  • Focus Revision

    Category: Installation

    To assist in making the IRIS camera as user friendly as possible, Digital Doc has revised the dial text to represent the 5 separate focal positions: F S 2 1…

  • Iris Camera Drivers

    Category: Drivers

    Click the image below to automate your installations… Downloads for manual installations can still be found below…   The following are downloads for manual installations, for easier Installation, use the…

  • IRIS Camera Drivers (64-bit)

    Category: Drivers

    Please click the image below to automate your installations… (Drivers-only are available further down this page)     Driver Downloads: The following are recommended downloads for all manual installations. The…

  • IRIS Camera Uninstall Utility

    Category: Installation

    Download the IRIS Camera Uninstall Utility 1. Extract file to your computer. 2. Double-click the “USB_Uninst.exe” file. 3. With camera connected click the “Uninstall” button.  Unplug camera after utility completes…

  • Error Open Cam

    Category: Windows Error

    In certain applications, most frequently in Kodak Dental Imaging and Carestream, an “Error: Open Cam” message will appear. This usually occurs when the imaging component is opened and the Iris…

  • Checking Capture Buttons

    Category: Capture

    (The following applies to “pulse” mode. See notes at bottom for variations.) Navigate to Control Panel Start → Control Panel Select “Game Controllers” (may be located in “printers and other…

  • Choppy Image

    Category: Hardware

    Check that we are utilizing a USB 2.0 port. (usually shown as USB2…host controller) If unsure, look in device manager, and in “view” select “devices by connection.” If port is…