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  • Choppy Image

    Category: Hardware

    Check that we are utilizing a USB 2.0 port. (usually shown as USB2…host controller) If unsure, look in device manager, and in “view” select “devices by connection.” If port is…

  • Lines in Image

    Category: Hardware

    Try removing any other USB devices plugged into computer. All USB ports on a system share an alotted power “pool.”   Try an alternate USB port on computer, preferably on…

  • Black Screen

    Category: Hardware

    A black screen generally means that the application is not recognizing a signal from the camera. Check to make sure that the camera is attached to computer and powered on.…

  • USB Power Management

    Category: Hardware

    If your camera or other USB devices are “disappearing” from your computer, this could be due to USB Power Management. Sometimes Microsoft Windows will power down USB devices to save…