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  • Iris Camera Installer

    Category: Drivers

    Spend less time installing… The Iris Setup Program greatly simplifies the previous method of device installation. Simply choose your Imaging Software from a list of compatible applications, and all video…

  • Iris Software Compatibility

    Category: Iris Intraoral Camera

    Below you will find the most current Software Compatibility Matrix for the Iris Camera. (Click on image below to download PDF version)

  • Iris HD Software Compatibility

    Category: Iris HD Intraoral Camera

    Below is the Software Compatibility List for the Iris HD Camera. Currently compatible with: Dexis 10 & up Eaglesoft/Patterson Imaging v17 & up Apteryx v4.0 & up Dentrix Ascend Romexis…

  • Iris HD Camera Installer

    Category: Iris HD Intraoral Camera

    Spend less time installing the Iris HD Camera… The Iris HD Setup Program greatly simplifies installation of the Iris HD camera. Simply choose your Imaging Software from a list of…

  • Downloads

    Category: Contact & Downloads

    If you are unsure of which driver(s) or utilities you may need, please search our Knowledge Base. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, you can…

  • Focus Revision

    Category: Installation

    To assist in making the IRIS camera as user friendly as possible, Digital Doc has revised the dial text to represent the 5 separate focal positions: F S 2 1…

  • Iris Camera Drivers

    Category: Drivers

    Click the image below to automate your installations… Downloads for manual installations can still be found below…   The following are downloads for manual installations, for easier Installation, use the…

  • IRIS Camera Drivers (64-bit)

    Category: Drivers

    Please click the image below to automate your installations… (Drivers-only are available further down this page)     Driver Downloads: The following are recommended downloads for all manual installations. The…

  • IRIS Camera Uninstall Utility

    Category: Installation

    Download the IRIS Camera Uninstall Utility 1. Extract file to your computer. 2. Double-click the “USB_Uninst.exe” file. 3. With camera connected click the “Uninstall” button.  Unplug camera after utility completes…

  • Green Screen

    Category: Hardware

    A green screen in place of a live video feed is an indicator that the Iris Camera is not receiving adequate power. The camera’s cable could have sustained damage, testing…