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Dental Technologies Worth Investing In


Dental Technologies Worth Investing In

Top Dental Technologies Worth Investing In

Dental technology is growing at an unprecedented pace. This imposes a lot of pressure on Dentists to acquire those new dental technologies. However, some of the technologies available may not be worthwhile investments, causing a needless drain of cash from the practice. If you are a dental practice owner who has acquired an existing practice that may not be up to date when it comes to technology, we hope you find value in today’s blog post. Read on and learn some of the technologies that you can invest in for your dental practice and not go wrong.

Intraoral Digital Cameras

One of the best technologies that you can acquire for your dental practice is an intraoral digital camera, such as the Iris USB 2.0 Chair Dental Camera. This tool will be a massive boost to your diagnostic competence. Being able to view clear images of the teeth, gums and other oral tissues inside a patient’s mouth makes a world of difference in case acceptance. Patients will spend less time in the chair since you will be able to identify any developing issues quickly and design a treatment plan for those patients.

The images from your intraoral camera are shown to the patient in real time, making the treatment planning consultative rather than optional. Consequently, more revenue will flow into your practice because patients will see for themselves why they shouldn’t put off. The only decision they will have to make is when to schedule treatment with you. 

Portable X-Rays

The traditional radiography equipment is so cumbersome that it has to be installed in a separate room from the room where patients undergo dental exams and treatment. This imposes a space constraint on dental practices.

Secondly, the traditional radiography machines expose patients and technicians to relatively high levels of radiation. This can have an adverse effect on the health of the affected people later in life.

Additionally, it takes longer to prep a patient for X-Ray images to be taken using those traditional machines. The results take longer to be available too. This means that the patient may need to visit the dental practice more than once in order for diagnosis and treatment to be provided.

Technology has availed portable X-Ray machines like the XTG Handheld X-Ray which brings radiography to the dental chair. Images can be taken quickly and conveniently without asking the patient to move to a radiology room. Radiation exposure levels are also a tiny fraction of what happens with the traditional machines. Thus, improved patient safety and greater efficiency are registered when you upgrade to this new technology. 

All-Tissue Lasers

Dental practices should always strive to offer better patient care with minimally invasive procedures. Laser dentistry is one of the best ways to do just that. The lasers eliminate the need for suturing and extended recovery durations since treatment can be done without causing extensive damage to the surrounding tissues. Laser technology is, therefore, a must for any dental practice.

Be careful when adopting new technologies in order to avoid falling for clever salesmanship from product manufacturers. Ask yourself two things. First, if new technology will improve patient safety. Second, whether it will make your work faster or more efficient. Pay attention to how quickly you can recoup what you have invested in that technology. The best technology should show ROI almost as soon as you acquire it, not years down the road. Get the right dental accessories for any dental technology you acquire so that you can reap its full benefits. Your dental practice will thrive if you develop a mindset of carefully evaluating and acquiring technologies as those better technologies become available.